Open House

A Real Estate Agent is hired to either sell a property or find property for a client. This is their mission, duty, or fiduciary responsibility to the client. Most transactions do not take place overnight, so a competent Real Estate Agent will use different techniques and strategies to bring a transaction to a close. One of the most common ways for a listing agent to get traffic to the home is an Open House.

An Open House is just that, Open for the public to view. No appointment necessary, get in whatever mode of transportation you’re  using and show up. Typically, the listing agent will be on-site, however, some companies and agents use the “new agents” to sit for the Open House. The key is to make sure whomever is representing the client is knowledgeable of the home for sale. By knowledgeable, I don’t mean reading off a mls listing hand-out, I mean look Professional to the prospective buyer by having information easily accessible and communicate it confidently.

Don’t expect the Agent to stray to far from the facts when answering questions, it isn’t their job to give opinions. Does that Sound harsh? It’s not that they wouldn’t love to tell you their opinion, but when it comes to buying a selling a house their opinion is worthless. In some cases, their opinion can get them in legal trouble. What? Lets use a quick example; Potential buyer asks,”how is the area?” Agent says “area is safe.” What is the Agent comparing “safe” to?  The buyer buys the house and the next week it gets burglarized. Has the Agent opened them-self up for a lawsuit??  Maybe or maybe not, the courts will decide.The better answer is “I have information to the local police website and there you will find  the answers you’re looking for.” The question got answered, maybe not the way you wanted, by an Agent who had the information readily accessible. Don’t always rely on the Agent for an answer you can easily access.

In most cases, an uninformed Real Estate Agent doesn’t exude confidence. Trust me, a buyer will notice this and move-on to the next Open House. A potential buyer just walked out the door. The agent just failed the seller!!!!

Enjoy the Open House for what it is and remember, the Agent wants to answer every question, but sometimes you may have to do a little work.

Mitchell David

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